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Tuesday 31 Mar 2015
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Why Study at CUZ

Pursuing your career with CUZ allows you to be partners with one of the great intellectual centres in Zambia with over 24 programmes and A supportive atmosphere for a healthy social life. Flexible study session-day. Evening, weekend and distance learning. Flexible payments terms. Innovative research and enterprise opportunities through  compulsory dissertations emphasis on quality education international presence and recognition Opportunities to engage in all aspects of research and development, through practical class case studies.

Why Study at CUZ Why Study at CUZ


POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES Master of Science in Public Relations Master of Social Work Master of Science in Banking & Financial Services Management Master of Science in Economics and Policy Analysis Master Of Science In Project Management – Msc Pm Masters in Public Health Masters In Business Administration – MBA Generic Masters In Business Administration –  Marketing  Masters In Business Administration – Finance           Masters In Business Administration -  Human Resource International postgraduate diploma in Management studies International postgraduate diploma in Social work International postgraduate diploma in project management International postgraduate diploma in Public Relations International postgraduate diploma in Financial Services Management International…



Welcome to the Medical School.



A Bonafide Private University.Cavendish University Zambia in partnership with Cavendish London was registered in Zambia under the Education Act, CAP136, of the Laws of Zambia for the purpose of providing ‘University Education’. All our courses lead to qualifications that are internationally recognized. The university provides a unique opportunity to acquire British professional qualifications and through Cavendish London several links with leading institutions have and are being developed. This accreditation indicates that the institution has satisfied the Ministry of Education in respect of: its premises; its general organization, the control and supervision exercised over both students and staff; the quality of…

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Upcoming Events

    • 30th March 2015 - Distance learning Residential Sessions for new April intake students
    • commence
    • Download The 2015 Academic Calendar



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